Workplace Consultancy

Whether you are moving to a new office or revamping your existing space, it’s vital to ensure you’re making your investment work for your business and your team. Through a consultancy study we combine our knowledge, your experiences, and real-life data to give you the best platform to make informed choices for the next step of your workplace journey.

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Why choose workplace consultancy?

Our team have a wealth of experience in office relocations and office space search, and can partner with you to provide support and guidance in the following areas:

  • refurbishment vs relocation
  • refining location choice
  • calculating space requirements
  • maximising ROI and getting the most out of your chosen space
  • aligning place with brand

The timeline of your project

Workplace consultancy journey and strategy areas of activity

The workplace consultancy journey

Our team of designers and data specialists work with you on a deep dive into your workplace – challenging inefficiencies, wasted space, single use zones, lack of work setting variety, compromised adjacencies, and general inertia. We’ll refine what works well and eliminate what doesn’t.

Step One – Data Capture

We get under the skin of your organisation, gathering workplace usage data and spotting trends

Step Two – Employee Engagement

We collect important formal and informal feedback, whilst bringing your team and key stakeholders on the journey with you

Step Three – Crunching the Numbers for Informed Design

We model the data and align the look, feel and activity settings with your business and cultural goals

Step Four – Managing Change

We focus on positive change, engage champions from all groups within your business, and emphasise transparency and clarity on the ‘why’

The journey from good to great

Workplace consultancy journey and areas of study

Our insights

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