Presenting our new values

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Presenting our new values

We have all experienced our fair share of uncertainty over the past few years, but the dust settles for good as ODGroup decide to take a moment and look to our future. We agreed that we’d benefit from a strong set of values to guide us forward so, we took the opportunity to establish the cornerstones for how we work internally, as well as how we interact with our clients and collaborators.

When we started the process of building our new values, we knew that they needed to come from the heart of our organisation – our people. We started by asking the OD community what they loved the most about OD and its culture. Their responses formed the first stepping stone towards our goal. We followed our survey with a series of workshops involving the business’ team leaders. While incorporating the feedback from our teams, we went through various exercises that got us thinking about how we operate, how we behave and how we interact.

We went as far as taking inspiration from the king of Rock and Roll himself:
“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do.” – Elvis Presley

Through these collaborative workshops, the ideas around who we are and what we stand for were distilled into four concise points. And so, we are proud to reveal our new company values…

“It’s a new era for our industry and business and as such we need to be clear about what we stand for. We’ll be incorporating our new values into all aspects of our life and work at ODGroup so they are the core of how we function.” – Jon Kearney, Managing Director.

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