ODCreate: Meet the team

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ODCreate: Meet the team

We are incredibly proud to introduce the ODCreate team! ODCreate is the design and build division of ODGroup. With our clients at the heart of everything we do, ODCreate is dedicated to creating distinguished workspaces on time and within budget. From developing a design that reflects your brief to leading the construction team in delivering your fit-out project, ODCreate’s committed team members will take care of everything for you. What makes the ODCreate team stand out are the members that comprise it. Jonathan Edwards had a vision of assembling a group of exceptionally talented individuals, each of whom he can be certain will always deliver the top-quality work that the firm promises.

“It’s been my burning desire to have a team that is competent, that has got the passion and will absolutely deliver the best product that we possibly can for our clients.” – Jonathan Edwards, ODCreate Director.

The increasing expectation for remote working has led people to reconsider what the workplace represents. One of the greatest challenges businesses are facing is how to engage staff in the workplace and support the increased need for flexibility. This is something ODCreate love doing because we are passionate about providing spaces that inspire people to be their best selves.

Erika Linghorn (Project Director)

Headshot of Erika Linghorn, ODCreate Project Director

Erika’s great reputation within the industry and proven track record in the successful delivery of high-end, fast-track projects brings a breadth of experience that has transformed ODCreate. Erika appreciates the agility that comes with design and build, where quality and timescales are positively impacted by quick decision-making. When it comes to her work, Erika has a high standard. It is therefore important for her to work with people that share her values. Erika appreciates integrity, a quality she is keen to see reflected in her team as she endeavours to deliver on everything that ODCreate promises. Erika is proud to be surrounded by the bright and talented people that form the ODCreate team and finds it exciting to see their hard work produce exceptional workspaces.

Lara Cohen (Head of Design)

As Head of Design, Lara provides our clients with detailed workplace design solutions. She is committed to challenging old ways of working by creating work spaces that encourage collaboration and inspire a change in company culture. The designer affirms that the workspace is evolving and one of the challenges she faces is designing areas that remain relevant to staff needs. To Lara, designing workplaces that not only bring joy to people but also help them thrive is an incentive in and of itself. What she loves is that each project will have a different client, which in turn will require different solutions, thus making every job unique. At ODCreate, Lara is eager to grow while shaping the team and overcoming new challenges.

“A huge amount of our lives is spent in the workplace. If we can design a space that can help in even the smallest way to someone’s wellbeing then we have achieved something good.” – Lara Cohen

Giovanni Ballarin (Head of Technical Design)

As head of technical design, Giovanni’s key focus is ensuring that everyone working on the project follows the design so that we deliver on all of our clients’ expectations. Giovanni pulls back all the layers of design and coordinates everything so that all the beautiful details are realised. Giovanni enjoys being on site to communicate and realise the design, thereby mitigating potential issues and ensuring the product deliver is as expected. Giovanni is a qualified architect. His strengths lie in detailing, understanding how things work and finding the most practical cost-effective solutions. Technical Design is therefore a lot more interesting to him. He enjoys the collaborative aspect of being presented with someone’s idea and working with them to develop it. Career progression and the chance to work with Jonathan once again were the two main factors in Giovanni joining the ODCreate team. A team that he describes as being ambitious and delivering the best projects for our clients.

“There are a lot of things to do, to change, to improve, to grow. It’s like a white canvas and as a team, we can tailor it the way we want to – it’s refreshing. We will set up new standards, a new way of working and a new way of interacting with people.” – Giovanni Ballarin

Martina Benus (Head of Data)

Martina looks after business development for ODCreate. She works with clients, past, present and future to generate business. Her biggest exploits include building a new custom CRM database and finding new opportunities for the company. She enjoys overcoming the challenges that this presents, as well as the flexibility and autonomy that come with the job. Martina was initially drawn to ODCreate for the opportunity to introduce the new database and work with wonderful people.

“I really think it’s a great company to work for because people are friendly and the flexibility is amazing.” – Martina Benus

Razvan Bratescu (Construction Manager)

Razvan manages the fit-out projects on site, ensuring that they are delivered safely, on time and to a high standard. Supervising the construction workers on site is a big part of the work that he does, making him the person to speak to should any issues arise. His role involves a great deal of problem-solving as well as coordinating with project managers and sub-contractors, in order to find the right solutions and meet the client’s requirements. Razvan thoroughly enjoys working in construction. Throughout his time in the industry, he has gained invaluable experience that allowed him to work his way up and oversee numerous different sites before eventually joining ODGroup. It’s the uplifting leadership and supportive colleagues that are keeping Razvan working here. He explains that when he first started working for the company, it was like joining a work family. Everyone was genuinely helpful and there was no hesitation to welcome him into the fold.

“At the moment, Jonathan and Oliver are getting involved in everything and are trying to do their best for the company. That does motivate people because you can have million-pound jobs but if you don’t have the right people, that want to do the best and prove themselves, it’s not going to work.” – Razvan Bratescu

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