We're committed to creating places that protect natural resources and encourage physical and mental wellbeing

Our approach to sustainability revolves around minimising our environmental impact and amplifying the positive impact that we make on the world by leveraging our people, our products, and our expertise.

ODGroup are committed to working sustainability

Industry impact and why working sustainably matters

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The three pillars of sustainability

The three pillars of stainability

Our approach to sustainability involves us looking at three factors
that together create a guiding light to a better future and align with UN sustainable development goals.


The impact our organisation has on the natural environment considering factors such as carbon footprint, management of waste, usage of resources, impact on air quality and biodiversity.


The impact our organisation has on employees, clients, suppliers and communities considering health, well-being, social value, diversity and inclusion.


The impact our organisation has on economic value, creating employment, generating innovation and continuing to drive a thriving business.

Our sustainability strategy

We’re focussing on 4 key areas

ODGroup Sustainability Strategy Energy and Carbon

Carbon footprint

ODGroup Sustainability Strategy waste and resource

Waste and resource efficiency

ODGroup Sustainability Strategy environmental management

Environmental management

ODGroup Sustainability Strategy sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement

Our commitment

In 2022 we’ll be taking steps to measure our carbon footprint. By doing this we aim to understand where we can minimise our impact. We commit to publishing our findings and our plan to reduce our direct and indirect emissions to meet the government’s goal to reach net zero by 2050.

Our performance

Setting targets is an important part of our sustainability strategy and ensures we remain accountable to our goals. We monitor key performance indicators throughout our projects to report on progress and drive continual improvement.

Jozefa Lewis ODGroup Sustainability Manager

Getting Accredited

We recognise the exponential benefits of achieving sustainability and wellness accreditations to advance the value of your asset and benefit the end user. From BREEAM, LEED, SKA Rating, Fitwel and The WELL Building Standard, OD have the expertise to deliver your project to an accredited sustainability standard. As our in house BREEAM AP and WELL AP, Sustainability & Well-being Manager, Jozefa Lewis, will work with you to deliver projects that reduce environmental impact and benefit health and well-being. Please contact us about the sustainability aspirations of your new project.

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